Standard for SRM

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Final Committee Draft (WG 8 N0361 / SC 24 N2580)

COMPLETE DOCUMENT (all files shown below) WinZip - 3.2M
. .
Contents MS Word - 444k
Foreword MS Word - 161k
Introduction MS Word - 159k
1 Scope MS Word - 159k
2 Normative references MS Word - 170k
3 Terms, definitions, symbols, and abbreviated terms MS Word - 268k
4 Concepts MS Word - 790k
5 Abstract coordinate systems MS Word - 2.9M
6 Temporal coordinate systems MS Word - 212k
7 Reference datums, embeddings, and object reference models MS Word - 1.1M
8 Spatial reference frames MS Word - 1.6M
9 Object reference surfaces and vertical offset surfaces MS Word - 384k
10 Spatial operations MS Word - 937k
11 Application program interface MS Word - 1.2M
12 Registration MS Word - 348k
13 Conformance MS Word - 210k
A Mathematical foundations MS Word - 470k
B Implementation notes MS Word - 223k
C UML diagrams for SRM concepts MS Word - 262k
D RDs associated with celestial objects MS Word - 430k
E ORMs MS Word - 3.1M
E * ORMs (alternate version) * PDF - 1.0M
F Abbreviations and acronyms used in the construction of labels MS Word - 211k
G Change and deprecation plan MS Word - 202k
H Templates for registration proposals MS Word - 207k
I Conformance testing for spatial operations MS Word - 208k
J Deprecated SRM concepts MS Word - 371k
Bibliography MS Word - 136k
Alphabetical index MS Word - 190k

* An alternate (PDF) version of Annex E is available. The contents of this alternate version are identical to those of the original MS Word version. The original MS Word version does not display properly in MS Word 2000 and below. In this alternate (PDF) version, hyperlinks to files external to Annex E take you only to the top of the file referenced, but not to the specific bookmark. If you previously downloaded the SRM FCD, "add" (do not "replace") this alternate Annex E file in your existing /text directory so that hyperlinks external to Annex E will be able to locate other files when referenced.

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