Special and Greek Characters (Unicode) Test Page

The need for display of special characters in html format has been an issue with the Spatial Reference Model (SRM) standard. This is a test page prepared and presented by Steve Carson at WG 8 Meeting #5. An action item was taken to circulate this file as a WG 8 document.


(1) Steve had to go to html 4.0 rather than 3.2 so he could get style sheets that allowed fonts. In this example he still has the style sheets embedded but he would recommend going to common external style sheets for all parts of SRM. This way a change in one place will apply to all the separate html files.

(2) Steve also recommends going to html 4.0 (edit the header of each file to do this.)

(3) Note that html tidy does not pull font data out into style sheets correctly. It creates non-compliant html (that fails W3C's own validation tests) as well as destroying all the unicode values in the file. So don't try and use tidy to automatically clean up the html for SRM.

Special symbols:
20 degrees: 20º
less than or equal to: ≤
greater than or equal to: ≥
not equal to: ≠
simple integral: ∫
partial derivative: ∂
square root: √
contained in: ⊂
is an element of: ∊

Greek letters:
capital Alpha = Α
capital Beta = Β
capital Gamma = Γ
capital Delta = Δ
capital  Epsilon = Ε
capital Zeta = Ζ
capital Eta = Η
capital Theta = Θ
capital Iota = Ι
capital Kappa = Κ
capital Lambda = Λ
capital Mu = Μ
capital Nu = Ν
capital Xi = Ξ
capital Omicron = Ο
capital Pi = Π
capital Rho = Ρ
capital Sigma = Σ
capital Tau = Τ
capital Upsilon = Υ
capital Phi = Φ
capital Chi = Χ
capital Psi = Ψ
capital Omega = Ω

lower case alpha = α
lower case beta = β
lower case gamma = γ
lower case delta = δ
lower case epsilon = ε
lower case zeta = ζ
lower case eta = η
lower case theta = θ
lower case iota = ι
lower case kappa = κ
lower case lambda = λ
lower case mu = μ
lower case nu = ν
lower case xi = ξ
lower case omicron = ο
lower case pi = π
lower case rho = ρ
lower case sigma = σ
lower case tau = τ
lower case upsilon = υ
lower case phi = φ
lower case chi = χ
lower case psi = ψ
lower case omega = ω