ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 24 WG 8 N 0057

Fourth Meeting
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 24 Working Group 8 (Environmental Representation)
Association Francaise de Normalisation
Paris, France
3 July - 6 July 2000

Meeting Announcement and Preliminary Agenda


The main purpose of this meeting is to review the drafts of the standards presently being developed and to prepare any recommendations to SC 24.

WG 8 will meet from 0900 until 1700 each day from Monday, 3 July through Thursday, 6 July; 2000. The SC 24 Plenary meeting will be on 7 July. Members of WG 8 are welcome. However, it is not required that WG 8 members attend the SC 24 Plenary. 

Note: All delegates must be authorized by their National Bodies to attend the WG 8 meeting.

Location and Registration

Fill in and submit this registration form for the SC 24 Plenary Meeting and Working Groups. You must register with Jean Stride, the SC 24 Secretariat, and AFNOR by no later than 15 May. In addition to registering with the SC 24 Secretariat, please send e-mail to the meeting Convenor, Jack Cogman , with a copy to the WG 8 acting Secretariat, Tim Gifford , for participation in the WG 8 Meeting,.

Meeting Host

The meetings are being hosted by AFNOR, and the contact is

Mr. Jean-Michel Borde.
Association francaise de normalisation (AFNOR)
Tour Europe
F - 92049 Paris La Defense Cedex
Tel : +33 1 42 91 55 55
E-mail : 

Meeting Cost

The meeting cost per person is 100 Euros.

Draft Agenda

1. Welcome (0900 on 3 July, 2000)

2. Roll call and introductions

3. Adoption of agenda (WG 8 N0057)

4. Corrections to, and approval of, the minutes of the last meeting. (WG 8 N0056)

5. Convenor's report

6. National body reports

7. Editor's reports

8. Appointment of committee for drafting SC 24 recommendations

9. Actions from previous WG 8 meetings (WG 8 N0056)

10. Other presentations by attendees

11. Review of Environmental Data Coding Specification (EDCS) (WD 18025) 3rd working draft (WG 8 N0059)

12. Review of Spatial Reference Model (SRM)  (WD 18026) 3rd working draft (WG 8 N0060)

13. Status of SEDRIS Part 1 (WD 18023)

14. Status of SEDRIS C Binding (WD 18024)

15. Agenda items resulting from review of WDs

16. Discussion and approval of recommendations to SC 24 (1500 Thursday)

17. Review new action items.

18. Confirm the dates and place for the next WG 8 meeting.

19. Close (by 1700 on Thursday, 6 July, 2000)

If you plan to make a presentation or provide a written contribution, please indicate your intention no later than one week prior to the start of the meeting. Bring at least 30 copies of any written materials to the meeting with you.