ISO/IEC JTC 1                                                         
Information Technology                                                

ISO/IEC JTC 1 N 5983

DATE:  1999-11-05     

Resolutions Adopted at the Fourteenth Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1, 1-5 November 1999 in Seoul, Korea

Resolution 11 Cooperative Agreement Between JTC 1 and SEDRIS

JTC 1 has received document JTC 1 N 5941, the Cooperative Agreement between JTC 1 and the SEDRIS Organization, and fully supports and looks forward to working with the SEDRIS Organization. However, JTC 1 requires further refinement and specificity from SC 24 before this agreement can be finalized.

Therefore, JTC 1 requests that SC 24 provide JTC 1 with supporting information detailing the benefits to be derived from this agreement. JTC 1 also requests SC 24 to narrow the breadth of this agreement and to limit the scope of the agreement to only that which is within the scope of SC 24.

When received from SC 24, JTC 1 further instructs its Secretariat to forward the revised Cooperative Agreement, along with the supporting information, to JTC 1 National Bodies for a 60-day letter ballot on finalization of the cooperative agreement.


Resolution 29 - Special JTC 1 Meetings On Planning Standardization of Spatial Information & Related Interoperability

JTC 1 resolves to conduct a planning exercise in the area of standardization of spatial information and related interoperability.
a) JTC 1 authorizes Mr. Martin Ford, UK to call not more than two special meetings between now and the next JTC 1 Plenary meeting to co-ordinate existing and proposed work in the area of standardization of spatial information and related interoperability.

The potential audience and terms of reference are as follows as:


The invitees shall comprise experts from National Bodies and Liaison Organizations and at least the following organizations/committees:

JTC 1/SC 24

JTC 1/SC 32

ISO TC 184 /SC 4

ISO TC 211

ISO TC 204




The purpose of the meetings is to develop a mutually agreed plan between the interested parties setting out the responsibilities for work in standardization for spatial information and its related interoperability. The main aim is to achieve minimal overlap and optimum collaboration.

d) Mr Ford is requested to report back to JTC 1 on meetings with recommendations for any further JTC 1 decisions and/or ballots.

e) Subject to confirmation by the prospective invitees and the US National body, it is proposed to hold the first meeting in the US, early in 2000.

Resolution 30 - Proposed Change To SC 24 Scope

JTC 1 considered the proposed changes to SC 24ís scope as contained in JTC 1 N 5940. After examining the need for wider co-ordination activities as authorized in Resolution 29, SC 24 is instructed to revise its proposals, if necessary, to reflect agreements reached in the meetings as described in Resolution 29 and then submit the revised scope to JTC 1 for letter ballot.